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60' Dokumentarfilm | 60 MIN | Deutsch, Spanisch

Weltpremiere @Festival de Cine de Sevilla 2018 - A YOUNG CONTINENT

The Island travels to the abrupt, green landscape of the island of El Hierro, in a film that follows the unhurried rhythm of life in rapport with nature, bathed by a timeless halo, in contrast to the pace of life in the cities. In part a soothing experience, The Island also shows that other ways of life are possible, with their advantages and their drawbacks, and offers a reflection about the idealism of one generation in contrast to the concerns of the one trying to make its way in today’s world.


Regie: Lars Ostmann

Producer: Urs Kind

Bildgestaltung: Sabine Panossian

Montage: Laura Espinel

Sounddesign: Benedikt Ludwig

Mischung: Felix Lau

Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF



Best Foreign Documentary Film (Kadoma 2019)

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