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Dokumentarfilm | 90 min | Deutsch, Portugiesisch, Englisch, Zulu

Weltpremiere @DOK Liepzig Internationales Filmfestival – German competition

"A bittersweet, heartfelt debut feature from director Brenda Akele Jorde, The Homes We Carry explores a little-known chapter in Cold War geopolitical history. Using a single pan-generational family story as a lens, Jorde examines the lingering aftershocks of Communist East Germany’s dubious track record of recruiting migrant workers from socialist-friendly African “brother countries” to work as cheap labour. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, in the economic turbulence that followed German reunification, most of these foreign workers were suddenly surplus to requirement and unceremoniously sent home. Adding extra emotional drama to this sociopolitical history lesson, many visiting Africans had fallen in love with German women and started families with them, leaving behind children who they would not see again until years later."

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Director, screenwriter: Brenda Akele Jorde
Co-directors: David-Simon Groß, Malte Wandel
Producers: Florian Schewe, Miriam Henze
Cinematography: David-Simon Groß
Editing: Laura Espinel

Music: Lenna Bahule
Production company, world sales: Film Five GmbH

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